About Us


Who we are

Bridge Development Group is a Palestinian real estate investment and management firm based in Ramallah. Our company owns and operates a variety of commercial and retail assets as well as lands in Ramallah, along with residential properties in Jerusalem. Education, entrepreneurship, and life support services are the three areas in which we specialize.
As an investment holding company based out of Ramallah, Bridge Development Group mainly focuses on the real estate sector. Additionally, Bridge Development Group is a property and construction management firm that has implemented projects throughout the Middle East, primarily in Jordan and the UAE.

Our mission

Along with offering furnished apartments, the company is also a major investor in key real estate in Palestine, centered mostly in Ramallah and its surrounding areas, Jerusalem, and Jericho.

Our vision

We constantly strive to manage our investments in the most beneficial way, taking into account the fact that we benefit the developed area as a whole rather than only our institution.